Don't Say NO  [Book 1]

Don't Say NO [Book 1]

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C. M. Alexander By Alexander226 Completed

Warning: may contain strong language, sexual contact, and violence  
  Dawn acts like a complete airhead at times. She's not scared of anything until she gets kidnapped by a couple of men. Kidnapped and forced into a supernatural black market and sold to the Wolff clan, were humans don't last long. She must pleasure her master at all cost or she would be eaten. But then again wouldn't she get eaten anyway.
  But before all this she lived a quiet life. A life filled with untold secrets. Her sister's death. Her step father's disappearance. And the father she never knew. 
  Struggling to stay alive Dawn tries to save the man she should call master, from himself while she finds the truth about her family secrets.
  This story has been known for being addicting, emotional, and to have the best ending from what I have been told.
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  #1 in vampire
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autopian17 autopian17 Jul 11
So they just left her with her phone in her pockets and are letting her have a full on conversation??? ok mhm
-bnanib- -bnanib- May 28
There's 15 of you and two of them 
                              One skinny guy and one fat guy I'm sure 15 of you would be able to take on a fat and skinny guy 😂😂👍
- - May 03
"I pray that my mama be okay. My pa be okay. My food be okay. And I ain't gonna die today. Amen."
It says the story is in the vampire category, so why is her 'master' a werewolf? Just asking before I start to read the story. :)
girltiara girltiara May 03
Toothpaste but I brush my teeth morning and night, look I have no cavities *shows her teeth to him*
ChishoSwu ChishoSwu Aug 05
Ohh boy piccolo is going to be pissed knowing that it's named after him 😂😂😂😂😂 Lmao