Him and I

Him and I

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OceanEyes✨ By TheBluePoet26 Updated Feb 01, 2019

You've surfaced upon the sweet scents and daunting tints of My blood dwelling life, expressed in the form of poetry. Bubbly and lighter from the outside but a misty shade darker, on the inside, Portrayed through self depicting tales edged by hope and driven by love.  

It follows me, and him as we embark on our mystical yet sinister rollercoaster ride to tie knots, as we believe we've been bound by heaven's grace, amidst the cultural and religious differences of either.

Me, from a Roman Catholic background, and Him, from an Islamic Background, madly in love, faces a nature's bane. Yet, with angelic spirits to lay rocks to line up our pavement, and a common God to lighten it up

We linger with hope.


The style of poetry in this storyline, mainly follows a sequence, starting with lines of fate and our attraction towards each other to being hated from every perspective, yet with hope in our hearts leads us to tie knots. Although, the last part hasn't yet occurred in our life, with hope and heaven's will, we will achieve it. 

Accordingly, after every poem, a comment will be entered, describing what my poetry depicts, to untangle my lines, for anyone that doesn't get my meaning behind it.  

I'm still 15, It's very personal, and it's the first time I've ever displayed my sour life on a screen. Please be kind and do not hate.

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