Ability {Pokemon fanfic}

Ability {Pokemon fanfic}

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15 year old Alice Foster is on the run from team Rocket. Her parents joined the evil organization when she was 10 years old, they forced her to join as well, but she refused and ran away with her beloved Charizard.

Alice has a special power, she can control fire. She can change the shape of it, move it, put it out and basically control it. But why? How?  Are there more people out there like her, or is she the only one?

Alice goes on an adventure with two friends. Along the way she meets many people. Old friends, as well as people that will end up betraying her.

Will she be able to find answers to the questions that she's had for all these years?

Follow Alice and her friends on their  adventure through Unova, and read to find out!



I do own the plot and my own OC's.

Copyright RainyFantasy©

The cover was hand drawn by me and edited by me.

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CameronNO CameronNO Jun 27, 2017
I'm sorry if I missed something, but when does this take place? While Ash is at Alola? Or Kalos? Or when?
ButterflyAndTheFairy ButterflyAndTheFairy Nov 16, 2016
I skim read this and this actually looks good! I'm saving it for later hehehe
RainyFantasy RainyFantasy Nov 16, 2015
Haha thanks X3 This is actually the only cover I like that was made by me. I'm not the best cover maker, so I don't think I will do that. But it's really nice of you to compliment me on it :)
WinterAmongUs WinterAmongUs Nov 15, 2015
@RainyFantasy I wish you could make ME covers! You should make a cover maker book so you can make covers for others! That's AMAZING!
PikaChick PikaChick Aug 21, 2015
Okay! Well, I've been wanting to read this for a looooong time, but I kept getting lazy because it was long and I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to read >-< BUT SCREW IT I want to read it so I'm gonna :D
RainyFantasy RainyFantasy Jan 06, 2015
@Grenineon I drew the old cover :D I drew the Charizard on the new cover too. And I hope you'll enjoy reading ;33