The Lycan's

The Lycan's

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Sierra19975 By Hannah19975 Updated Jul 16, 2020

He is no ordinary lycan ; he is the last purebred of his generation. There is no more of his type since they were wiped out by the epidemic made for his type. Luckily his parents gave him the last drop of an enchanted potion to keep him alive. Now at the season of 225 he is still yet to find the missing part of his heart and soul. He stayed celibate all his life because of that one story his mum told him about the dire importance of a mate.

Astraea; a beloved innocent, timid, pure and untouched 18 seasoned human , whom was hidden away from all the evil in the world and looks at it with eyes of compassion and tenderness. Her graceful spirit and beautiful heart attracts all that is around her; not only that but also her tantalizing and aromatic scent of her blood. 

Join this thrilling journey that has love, faith, secrets, innocents, and much more especially the  monstrous beast who has a heart of gold.

Note: Detailed and mature scenes, very graphic and dark.