My Soulmate Hates Me || Min•Yoongi

My Soulmate Hates Me || Min•Yoongi

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♡BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE♡ By 3_i_like_bands_3 Completed

On everyone's 18th birthday, they wake up with a tattoo of the first thing their soulmate will say to them...

Kim Y/n has been waiting her whole life for her 18th birthday. She's been wanting to know what her soulmate will first say to her ever since her older brother, Jin, got his. But when her 18th birthday comes, her soulmates first words are a little misleading.....

✨Min Yoongi x Reader✨
•Started: November 21, 2018
•Ended: January 3, 2019

•IMPORTANT: Some dates, ages, etc. may not be 100% accurate. This IS a fanfiction you know. Not everything is going to be historically correct for the story to work. Thx for understanding!

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