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Naruto's little sister

Naruto's little sister

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InuHinamori By InuHinamori Updated Nov 04, 2016

My name is Inu Nura Uzumaki I'm Naruto's younger twin sister yet we look nothing alike I have red hair and dark blue eyes and no one in the village knows were siblings except for a few people and 6 years ago I had to leave the village because of a certain incident that happened and the villagers kept saying they didn't want two monsters here anymore so I left the village and wandered around in different places I made a few friends which made me happy but after a while I would have to leave, well enough of that after 6 years I'm finally able to return to the village which made me so happy and I returned 2 months before everyone would take the exam and become genin I'm so excited I hope Naruto and I get put on the same team, well I have to go now later

janice312014 janice312014 Mar 17, 2016
Remeber the punctuation marks kay'!😊Everything else is good, BYE!!!😉
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Oct 10, 2016
It's Rin with red hair and no purple markings on her face, isn't it?
Cassie_Hatake Cassie_Hatake Nov 09, 2016
Haha duck butt that  was Priceless I died laughing😂😂😂 good book
N3ptun35D4u9ht3r N3ptun35D4u9ht3r Oct 26, 2016
Uh I think something happened to this chapter cause it's all cramped up in a thin vertical line and I can't read jacksh**
LazyPandaLover LazyPandaLover Jul 03, 2016 the intro it said very little people know that there siblings, so this must be her fake name. 😐
Some1random34 Some1random34 Jul 05, 2016
For your ninja training then you can do your ninja chores and your ninja homework