Days After the Apocalypse (Big 5 VS Zombies) ( Jelsa etc)

Days After the Apocalypse (Big 5 VS Zombies) ( Jelsa etc)

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Dunno. By melantha123 Completed

Jack Frost, Elsa Vinter, Rapunzel Corona and Merida of DunBroch are admitting in a National Sport competition in USA. Each of them has their own specialities. Meanwhile Hiccup Haddock is surveying the safety of the event.

Then everything starts to turn out ugly. USA is being infested with the undead who roam the land as they soon find out.

Will they team up and form the Big 5? What does it take to survive from this breathtakingly serious situation?

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Pshhh if they told me to represent my country
                              I would wear sweatpants and an oversized shirt with my hair up in a bun
                              Oh wait....I'm wearing that right now😂
101firegirl 101firegirl Apr 28, 2017
They are awesome... but I wish they still had their powers ;-;
This is me
                              I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
                              Let the light shine on meeee!!!
                              Or something like that😂
I would also use a frying pan to defend myself
                              *Pulls out frying pan out of nowhere* STAY BACK BITCHES!!
AuthorofKillingPeopl AuthorofKillingPeopl Oct 09, 2017
I love how practically everyone is commenting on how they loved this zombie show or are reminding the author of a zombie thing that they forgot, and I'm just sitting here like, WTF are these?
SummerSnowflake13 SummerSnowflake13 Jun 01, 2016
Jelsa, Merricup, Eugenzel, and Kristanna if they are in this. Also.. Ahem. HANS I'M GONNA THROW YOU TO THE ZOMBIES SO BYE BYE ENJOY LIFE!!