The Nerd | ✔️

The Nerd | ✔️

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Meghan McCarthy is a nerd to put it bluntly, but she isn't just any nerd, she's an abused nerd. She's the one who people shove around and always manage to come home with scars and bruises all over. She even sometimes manages to fracture one of her bones. And this has been going on for almost 10 years, so she's basically used to it by now.                       

Watch Meghan go through some ups and a lot of downs in her life. And maybe even meet someone that'll help mend her broken frame...

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AlteredStateOfMind AlteredStateOfMind Sep 04, 2017
Honestly, I am disappointed that you took the story mostly down. It started out quite promising. A tough read for sure, because abuse is... a difficult subject. Still... I would have liked to have read it. Screw other people. Don't let cyberbullies destroy what you created.
thefireflywolf thefireflywolf Nov 07, 2017
                              Ok I need to calm down
                              But I LOVE sao
madej283 madej283 Mar 09, 2017
Yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas yas
sass_queen_xox sass_queen_xox Feb 20, 2017
Puberty is bullied by everyone, I swear. Like, why can't we all just not hit people.
LolzMan1234 LolzMan1234 Jun 08, 2016
I don't want the book to go to waste!!! I want it to stay on WattPad so then my 3baby brothers and 2 baby sisters can read this book too. I really love all of your books!
_Sheila_Sparks_ _Sheila_Sparks_ Dec 09, 2016
I just want to say, different people have different opinions. You don't like the book, don't read. Wow, magic. You can choose weather you want to read it or not. This book is about how bullying is bad, please don't bully the author. 😊❤️. Love you all