Deadly Blossom

Deadly Blossom

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"Sigh I'm against it because I don't want that damn Uchiha to lay his hands on you." they both said at the same time I gave a small smile and stood up wrapping my arms around both their necks.

"Oh don't worry about him he won't hurt me trust me." I let go of them and sat back down on my chair.

"Besides in order for him to hurt me he has to touch me haha and he won't be able to." A smirk left my lips.

"So little sister what will you do?"

"Hmm lets see I'm in a mood for some fun Pain can you be a dear and write back to her. "

"Yes of course Leader-Sama." I watch him walk out the room with a smirk on his face I turn my head to the others with the same smirk.

"Haha let the fun begin"

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