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My one and only

My one and only

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Kellie120312 By kekensnsnanab Updated Jan 19

"I don't want you to pity me just because you feel sorry for me and want to be my try to be my savior.Me and my baby don't need you or your money, I'm not just a person in need, I can raise my baby on my own!" I screamed as tears ran down my eyes

He looked at me in anger and sadness as he walked so close to me with his arms beside my head on the wall

"Amara, I want you to be the women I wake up in the morning with and the one I have children with. I want to be able to protect you more than I haven't been able to, This baby, I'm going to protect no matter what. Im gonna be the father figure this baby needs to show everything  in life and I'm gonna teach them to be as strong as there mother, I fucking love you more than you will ever know and I'm not walking away from you and this baby ever, no matter how hard life gets"


Mature 18+

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