DUDE! [BoyxBoy]

DUDE! [BoyxBoy]

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Joshua (Josh) By HeyItsJosh Updated Aug 10, 2012

His brown eyes start assessing my face, making me feel really uncomfortable. I mean, the guy’s really tall. He like looms over my short figure. I’ve never seen him so up close, it’s almost surreal. And, I say this in the most no-homoest way, but like, I see why the girl’s go so crazy for him. He’s tall, obviously muscular, I mean nobody can miss the rippling muscles popping off his body, or his big ass broad shoulders. He’s got an angular jaw, and his nose is slightly crooked. Probably from getting into too many fights; he is a bad boy, after all.

“So, uh, thanks. For taking me here, I mean,” I say, feeling awkward. Ian’s just standing here, looking me up and down in the sort of way you’d look at a chick. I’m getting freaked out.

Ian merely smirks, and nods. “No problem.”

I turn, grabbing onto the doorknob. But, when his hand suddenly shots out and slams the door close as I pull it open, I freeze and get really scared. 

See? See?! I knew it was too good to be true. He’s about to beat my ass. Real smart, too smart. I have to give one to Ian. Play with his prey, make them think their gunna make it out alive, and then BOOM! Get their ass just when their hope rises.

I should’ve known.

“So...” Ian murmurs, his hot breath blowing against my ear. “You do know, you hit my car, right?”

“Uh...yeah, about that...I’m really sorry. If there’s any way that I can repay⎯” I turn around as I’m speaking, but Ian cuts me off.

With his lips.

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NNinjaPPanda17 NNinjaPPanda17 Sep 11, 2017
It's not boring! It was amazing and hilarious! Keep up the good work:)
Lmao, I'd already be making a cross on my chest, a last ditch effort for heaven
IllisMoreo87 IllisMoreo87 Oct 31, 2017
i bet it's because of all that holy cheeseburger balls you've been worshipping XD you're so random & funny XDDD
meandnah meandnah Sep 12, 2017
"Holy cheeseburger balls" lol I can't help but smile every time he says that. He's too cute!
ksaryadevi ksaryadevi Jul 22, 2017
No way!! It's not boring at all! It's quiet enjoyable!😊😊