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Batman had just gotten back from his nightly patrol and sat at the supercomputer to track some paper trails leading to a laboratory conducting illegal experiments. He had found the preliminary information while interrogating a gang member affiliated with Cadmus. The Dark Knight had almost completed his search when the computers distress signal flared to life signifying that Robin, his ward, was in trouble and needed assistance. He was at the teleporter in an instant, fingers flying over the keypad as he input the coordinates to Mount Justice. His son was in danger.

Twenty Minutes Earlier

The team sat in the Mount Justice kitchen waiting while Megan cut slices of pie for each of the members. Kid Flash didn't hesitate as he quickly inhaled his slice. The rest of the team had barely received theirs when Wally started to complain.

"It looks and tastes like this was dropped in a volcano."

"That didn't seem to bother you while you were eating it." Kaldur replied. "And don't say ...

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Yaoi4lifeforever Yaoi4lifeforever Apr 24, 2017
Poor Conner, He's going to be killed by Bruce when he finds him
Jaydick Jaydick Jun 04, 2016
Then dick responded by saying " bitch* I won't get attacked by a noodle I promise"
Jaydick Jaydick Jun 04, 2016
Batman on the inside is freaking out thinking "OMG RELATIONSHIP GOALSSSSSSS"