Christmas With A Cripple

Christmas With A Cripple

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Doxie Reldern is a single, hardworking female, who fills her schedule with work. When a family friend calls in a favor asking her to spend the Christmas holiday with their son, Doxie is forced to clear her schedule and go along with it.
           What she doesn't expect, if for the son to be Alex, her old playmate and now a grown successful business man. The only problem is he's crippled and cranky, with an attitude that could curdle milk. Doxie will have to work extra hard this year to make sure Christmas passes without a cinch, because what better way to spend Christmas, than with a cripple?

A classic cliche romance novel to warm you up for the holidays. Enjoy!

This book is part of my write a chapter every day of the month challenge so please excuse all the grammar errors! Sorry! 

Cover by blck_n_whte