The Game That Got Me Here (Eminem Fanfiction)

The Game That Got Me Here (Eminem Fanfiction)

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N/A By MajesticMarshall Updated Apr 23

Emily is a twenty-eight year old girl from the rural area of Madison, Georgia. Her current job as a waitress is pointless in her eyes. She wants to attend college, but hasn't saved up enough money. College will help her acquire the job she's always dreamed of by advancing into psychology fields.
     She stands at 5"5' with pale skin and long, light brown hair with a wavy flow to it. Her eyes are a green hazel, having brown mixed in. Her face is thin and heart shaped with a small, pointed nose.
     Her clothing style is simple: T-shirts, jeans, jean shorts, Nikes, and occasionally cowboy boots. Sometimes or rarely she'll wear blouses, leggings, flats, or sandals. 
     Her music style is mixed between the different genres, allowing her accent to be normal and unlike the other natives of Georgia.

     Eminem is an award winning, rap artist. His  music is laced with dark humor and truths about life and growing up as a poor, white kid.
     Marshall Bruce Mathers III, which is his real name, is a withdrawn, isolated man who only comes into the public's eye when he is dropping an album, single, music video, or when performing. Though, he is nice to his fans, he doesn't interact with them like he used to. The only time you'll see him truly happy is around his friends, close family, and of course, his three precious daughters.

With women, Marshall is cold, and withheld. Recently, he does nothing to draw them in. He's just done. Female fans are female fans. He appreciates them, but wants nothing to do with them romantically, let alone any woman.

When this young woman is forced to cross paths with this bleach blonde, blue eyed rapper sparks fly, just not the romantic sparks from a Nicholas Sparks' novel. More from heated anger and hostility.

Can the sparks morph?

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marshallchan marshallchan Dec 11, 2016
what is this story about? im gonna read the first 3 chapters to see if i like it
ninjaflautist ninjaflautist Mar 03, 2015
Hey, It's @eminem_and_multifandoms from Instagram. Just wanted to say Hi. So hi. :)
MHsBooks MHsBooks Sep 22, 2014
It feels like we're the same person I really do think the same I'm glad you're writing a book like this
MHsBooks MHsBooks Sep 19, 2014
I really like the fact you don't make the girl girl a fan girl as there's no fun when they are fan girls