Abused But Loved (Ziall Mpreg)

Abused But Loved (Ziall Mpreg)

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Sarah Ackles By SarahHoran587 Completed

Niall is in love with Zayn and has been for the last 3 years. The first year they dated was absolutely perfect. Niall couldn't be happier! But, then something changed in their relationship and Zayn got abusive. Zayn would beat Niall but then would tell him he loved him and would make love to him. So, Niall stayed. No matter what Zayn did Niall always stayed because he was in love with Zayn!  He didn't care what anybody said. He loved Zayn and that's how it's gonna stay. It wont change. But the real question is 'Will Zayn ever change?' What happens when Zayn angrily makes love to Niall without protection? Will the beatings continue or Will Zayn stop because his lover is pregnant with his child?

(WARNING: There is a straight pairing in here! One straight smut scene! Also, This has adult content!)

Cover By: ChildishAejhoy

© All Rights Reserved 《 Please don't steal my book idea this book belongs to me and only me. Along with my title it is one of a kind and would really like it to stay that way. Thank you. ♡》

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LoveJoeyGraceffa12 LoveJoeyGraceffa12 May 24, 2016
LoveJoeyGraceffa12 LoveJoeyGraceffa12 Nov 01, 2016
Third time reading this book!This is seriously my favourite Ziall book
LydiaSunny LydiaSunny Oct 19, 2016
In what way you're wrong to say sorry my poor baby??😤😤
LoveJoeyGraceffa12 LoveJoeyGraceffa12 May 24, 2016
Wow...that was very um just let the emojis say how I feel😰😰😡😡😟😟😔😔
SimpleMan354 SimpleMan354 Sep 19, 2015
Really well written story update when you can would love to read more