Canyons of Steel - A modern day western

Canyons of Steel - A modern day western

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Tim Holtorf By TimHoltorf Completed

What happens when an old gun hand makes a decision to turn his life around and set a new course? In Canyons of Steel, Johnathon Tiberius Walker makes the choice of turning his back on the underground military of the Red Hand and try to make right his own sins. All because he wants his daughter to live in a better world than he does. Walker, together with fellow agent Malcom Montgomery Watt, and former assassin Marianne Wollcott, join forces to combat the evils of the world.

Along the way, they run into allies, adversaries and enemies. Some will help, some will hinder, and others will be trying to get the trio in their targetting sights.

This modern day western will travel the globe as the three will ride on in a quest for justice and redemption.

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TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Mar 21, 2011
@TimHoltorf - no worries, I've still got a few more pages to read =] 
TimHoltorf TimHoltorf Mar 21, 2011
@TheOrangutan Thanks for the kind words.  Sorry I haven't updated in a bit, I've been extra busy with a few odds and ends, but will get posting on Monday.
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Mar 18, 2011
This is an intriguing start. I read this a couple of days ago, but ran out of time to comment. My apologies. 
                              Been reading the odd page of the last few days too and the pace of this is deceptive, it sorta draws you in. Nice work. Gav