Constellations' Child

Constellations' Child

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J. S. Berne By jsberne Updated 7 days ago

The discovery of the Dark Matter Network - a vast web spanning the universe - changed everything. Space travel beyond the Solar System in seconds was made possible, and the world became powered by dark energy, refined by cities - the Constellations - that orbit Earth. But when a rogue group, the Addicted, harnessed the energy for evil, decades of war ensued.

Now, the Addicted gain the upper hand and are positioned to wipe out the Constellations and their allies on Earth. As humanity's last hope, the Constellations turn to Edwin, a boy who fled Earth years ago and is living on the Constellations as an exoplanet diver, traveling the Milky Way in search of a new home. There's only one problem - Edwin doesn't know why he's been selected.

Along with his friends, Edwin is thrust into an adventure of self-discovery, where he must confront a past he's tried to forget and find the right path ahead, for himself and humankind. 

This is the story of the Constellations' child.

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