Tragic, Beautiful, Love

Tragic, Beautiful, Love

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A By springjhoseok Updated Mar 30, 2017

Eren, the heir to a wealthy family and empire. Secluded in his home, the only other person he's able to confide in is Levi, his tutor. Perhaps it's the fact that he's so locked away from the rest of the world that he finds himself so drawn to Levi. Such a relationship would never be approved by his father, but will he risk it all anyway?

*updating this after 2 years so the first 3 chapters are shitty haha

I do not own Attack on Titan or any of its characters. This story is a work of fiction and is based off of characters from Attack on Titan. Again, not in any way belonging to me.

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xxcayfredxx xxcayfredxx Mar 30, 2017
I know what's gonna happen next. I so no what's gonna happen next.
_-Kitten_- _-Kitten_- Jul 21, 2016
Oh no stephano  (Pewds reference )(aka eren) I feel sorry for you i.hope this enss.well.of you know what I mean :)
Jamysl Jamysl Jul 07, 2016
Eren....... I was so proud and then you just fùcked some sh!t up
minecraftloverjs minecraftloverjs Apr 28, 2016
Well if his stomach is in his but,that could cause some "issues" "wink" "wink"
IcedBlood IcedBlood Aug 26, 2016
Levi acts like he didn't catch he master baiting earlier in the day.
BxteMeBxtch BxteMeBxtch Feb 28, 2016
I role play as Eren withy friend and when I showed it to her she screamed and said that we would never roleplay agian