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Tragic, Beautiful, Love

Tragic, Beautiful, Love

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A By springjhoseok Updated 5 days ago

Eren, the heir to a wealthy company and the only son. Levi, Eren's tutor. Over the past year Eren has kept his love for Levi hidden well. He wasn't afraid of anyone finding out. Simply because he had no real friends. Levi is the only one he talks with. All the more reason he fell so hard. Lately however, he finds himself being in a daze. Wandering around the estate and thinking to himself. Lately his love for Levi had grown stronger... more passionate. He found himself often flustered and heating up when too close to Levi. Is it best to ignore these feelings or risk it all for a moment of pleasure?

I do not own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters. This story is a work of fiction and is based off of characters from Attack on Titan. Again, not in any way belonging to me.

_-Kitten_- _-Kitten_- Jul 21, 2016
Oh no stephano  (Pewds reference )(aka eren) I feel sorry for you i.hope this enss.well.of you know what I mean :)
Jamysl Jamysl Jul 07, 2016
Eren....... I was so proud and then you just fùcked some sh!t up
minecraftloverjs minecraftloverjs Apr 28, 2016
Well if his stomach is in his but,that could cause some "issues" "wink" "wink"
FayethJacobsTrujillo FayethJacobsTrujillo Aug 26, 2016
Levi acts like he didn't catch he master baiting earlier in the day.
xXOnlyForJamesXx xXOnlyForJamesXx Feb 28, 2016
I role play as Eren withy friend and when I showed it to her she screamed and said that we would never roleplay agian
-goneawaygoner- -goneawaygoner- Aug 06, 2016
Levi: “God dammit! I thought I had taught you how to use a lock! You have to learn when to jerk, and where!” *Slams door*
                              Eren: “I.. I did, I locked, I locked the door, UM, you, all you taught me about locks was how to PICK them.."