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The Chosen Princess (BWWM)

The Chosen Princess (BWWM)

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srslybadi By srslybadi Completed

  The Chosen Princess (Interracial)
  The Chosen Princess
  Prince Charles came to America to get away from his irritating father and to have fun. His father signs Prince Charles up to do a meet and greet in a high school so it will help boost his image. However the one person that he meets and kind of greets is one who he won't forget about it.
  Bianca, is not like many girls. The only thing on her mind is to graduate and make her mom proud and to prove everybody wrong.
  These two different people fall into each other and might have to deal with each other for more than they think.

Ell365 Ell365 Nov 21, 2016
This is just like me. I don't even eat. I come back from school, go to my room and sleep. 😂😂
JustWannaWritee JustWannaWritee May 08, 2016
Get a story of a darkskin girl with kinky hair just to find out she hates herself
nnennaaaa nnennaaaa Aug 28, 2016
To all the people calling her conceited y'all are honestly confusing me. Would it be better if she called herself ugly? From the cover of the book you can see clearly that she is in fact pretty. So why is it a bad thing that she acknowledges that she's beautiful? Ugh, society these days.
SelfMade_FlawLess SelfMade_FlawLess Apr 11, 2016
Lmao not the only one I'm fully black im  not mixed with anything.
Joantelle Joantelle Jun 11, 2016
Soooooo a back story on the color of her skin......ok (Waka Flocka)
JJdee_xx JJdee_xx Aug 16, 2015
Not be rude or anything but, if there was a prince in America looking.for a wife why would he come to Queens HS?