I Hate My Brother (editing!)

I Hate My Brother (editing!)

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"We can't keep doing this... Wayne's gonna kill you if he finds out."

"Baby, y'know I'm not afraid of him. I'm willing to take his punches as long as it means I get to finally show you off. Just say the word, love. I've always been waiting for you to be ready, haven't you realized that?"


The worst already happened, what else could top that,  right? She was wrong. And the answer were two words-Wayne Owens. 

College was supposed to be a fresh start for Kelsey Owens. After taking a year off trying to heal, drowning herself in parties and alcohol; she'd decided leaving was a better choice. She wasn't ever going to get better unless she left. Besides, anywhere would be better than staying in a place she was constantly reminded of hell. 

That was until she found out who she had to live with. 

Wayne, the same person who was her worst nightmare for the first 15 years of her life. She thought she was done dealing with him. She'd already forgotten ever having a brother since he left four years ago. 

Suddenly leaving wasn't such a good idea anymore.