The Broken Return

The Broken Return

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HeartCaster By DangerouseEnemy Updated Dec 22, 2018

Ashley Heart. It's her 13 birthday, the day she was supposed to find her escape from the pack that wanted her dead above all, her savior, Her Mate...

...but the day she finds out the heartless play boy and future Alpha Jake Springs is her other half...

The day he rejects her...

The day she decides to run away, to the day she returns as the lone Alpha of the Hidden Heart Pack...

...Is the day she becomes powerful as a White Heart wolf, is the moment she becomes a protecter, the second she must return to her former pack filled with hateful memories and banish her emotions to ensure their Pack's life, what Ashley doesn't count in, is Jake's pleads for her to return, for his inner battle to strike her heart and show once and for all he won't let her walk away a second time.

The question is... Does Ashley still posses the ability to feel passion towards her heart breaker? Or will she shut him out and take the path that promised her freedom, happiness and a second Mate she was sure wouldn't abandon her?

  • alpha
  • ashley
  • betrayal
  • challenge
  • change
  • choices
  • faith
  • friend
  • hate
  • hidden-hearts
  • hope
  • hurt
  • jake
  • love
  • mate
  • pack
  • pleads
  • power
  • rain-stone
  • rejection
  • return
  • strength