Slave till Twelve

Slave till Twelve

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littleone2106 By littleone2106 Updated Jan 04

A big hug and many thanks to CL Jayce for creating the cover of the book! Lots of hugs and kisses your way! Thanks a big fat bunch! x

Iris is a successful modern woman who is a force to be reckoned with. She needs to learn how to not be a stuck up bitch and how to let go. She needs to take a trust fall and trust that her husband, the love of her life, Zayn, will catch her each time she falls. 

They mutually decide that Iris will be Zayn's slave till midnight one day and fulfill all of his sexual fantasies. Once into it, there will be no rules and no safe words. It will end only when the clock strikes 12!

This is a short story which will end with Iris's slavery at 12. So, there is no description of their relationship before or after the incident. That is left for the readers to imagine the way they like. 

Since the book is going to be all smut, read under appropriate supervision.

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