Player Next Door

Player Next Door

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Vivian By ShatterAngel Completed

The student council decides to throw the yearly Couple Fest for Juniors because of their high grades. But there's a catch: You can't choose your own partner for the ball.    

Sean Gilbert. The arrogant, perverted, extremely hot, bad ass leader of the popular clan who loves to just bang every single girl on campus and throw them away. 

Elise Britts. The simple, sarcastic nerd who loves to read books and stay out of danger (or fun). And always believing in "Its better safe than sorry." 

But that's just the start of the game. When Elise's parents get a divorce, she gets sent away to her aunt's home and is to stay there while her parents decide on whom to take responsibility for her. 

Then all of a sudden a guy steps out of the room directly across from her's wearing only his boxers. The one and only Sean Gilbert lives along with Elise Britts.   

A deal of who falls first is striked between them and who will be the one to resist first?

When Sean finally notices Elise and how secretly hot she is, all he wants to do is bang her. But in time, he finally realizes that there's more than just 'hot bodies' in this world, but you can find genuine happiness not just in physical things but also in an emotional thing called LOVE.    

A lot of things can happen when the player is just next door.

KyraIsNotCool KyraIsNotCool 5 days ago
Kms I just listened to a 2 minute ad about ham shoot me please
lalaworld101 lalaworld101 Apr 02, 2016
it looks good ok popcorn check blanket check lets get this book started
CrazyRide CrazyRide Jun 27, 2016
Seems cool, i like the idea cuz it's kinda new. I've read a few books that kinda have the same idea of bad guys, player next door and stuff but I'm willing to try that one too. I'm sure it'll be cool
TheTroubleMakerX TheTroubleMakerX Dec 19, 2015
                              21 AND 22 JUMP STREET
                              GREAT CAST LIST X
SerynSampson5 SerynSampson5 Nov 27, 2015
You know if she's staying at her aunts that's her aunts song witch means that is her cousen
General_Jellyfishi General_Jellyfishi Oct 06, 2015
This book better not make me cry, I've just finished one that made bawl my eyes out