The Succubus and Her Mate

The Succubus and Her Mate

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blindwritings By blindwritings Updated Dec 20, 2018

Nala is a strong, confident, independent woman. She leads a relatively quiet life working as a nurse in a hospital and spending her nights at home alone reading books. Except, once a month she lures men to her and sucks their life force away. She doesn't kill them. She just takes enough for her to get by and for them to survive.  If she had it her way, she would be at home curled up with her favorite novel. But she'll die if she doesn't feed.

She is completely content with the quiet life she leads. That is until she accidentally lures in a werewolf. What's worse? That werewolf is the brother of the Alpha of the Night Walker Pack, the strongest and most ruthless pack in the country.

She's sure that they will execute her on the spot, but the Alpha.. he has something else in mind... he keeps saying the word, "Mate." But Nala doesn't want to be claimed and she'll do everything in her power to stay free. 

***For mature audiences only, graphic scenes of sex and violence and strong language***

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girlyoudunno girlyoudunno Nov 17, 2018
He needs to freaking calm down. Slamming people into walls isn't the way to go