The Ice King (A Pione Fanfiction)

The Ice King (A Pione Fanfiction)

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lance mcclain is my baby By Stuckbetween2worlds Updated May 22, 2016

Geae convinces everyone that if she gets a certain boy for her lieutenant, she won't continue the war. The only problem is, she wants Percy Jackson.

Rated R for minor cursing and may contain gore
[A Short Story, will only be about 10-12 chapter long]

All rights to Rick Riordan

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tideterror tideterror Feb 09
WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hades, I'm sure you don't mind DESTROYING HER! Poseidon would agree.
DaintyToes DaintyToes Aug 20, 2017
Don’t really like percabeth anyway. Annabeth is probably using Percy to fuel her fatal flaw...
Jcgirl39 Jcgirl39 May 27, 2017
They're doing that. . . while we are all here thinking. . . What kind of girlfriend are you!!?
shammah1124 shammah1124 Jul 03, 2017
Um any one wants tickets for fronts seats to see annabeth go through pain?
LeeJeonPark LeeJeonPark Sep 05, 2017
Am I the only one who doesn't hate Annabeth? It's not like she throwing Percy away because she hates him of wants to get rid of him. She doesn't like the idea either, but she thinks it's necessary.  One life for hundreds.
ViviVirus ViviVirus Aug 12, 2017
HAHAHHAA WE'RE SORRY TOO.... *holds up knives* But you don't hurt our Percy.