Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate

Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate

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Kiara vR By Kiara_vr Updated Feb 05

Family problems were something Sasha had become accustomed to. 

An Alpha werewolf mate was something she was definitely not accustomed to.

Sasha is a seventeen year old human girl who just like a normal teenage girl goes to a high school and has no idea that werewolves exist, well that is until one kidnaps her claiming to be her mate.



"She gives off the most intoxicating scent as she walks by me looking at the nature with a sketch book resting on her one arm while she sketches not looking my way.

I can't help but be mesmerized by the human girl and I quietly and unnoticeably follow her watching her every move with great interest as her hips sway naturally with each step.

She reaches the lake and I watch as she sits down and crosses her legs and stares at the waterfall and sketches as if it's a daily routine.

I stare at her wanting a closer look but knowing if she spots me like this I may scare her off for good and if I shift it would look as if I'd been stalking her and I'd scare her off, so I stay hiding longing for her touch and to hear her voice which I am sure is an angelic one to compliment her already angelic looks.

I silently lie down and rest my wolf head on my front paws my tail waging a little."


Started:   28 November 2018
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