Revenge Sevenfold

Revenge Sevenfold

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Burnt Offerings By badcooking Updated 2 days ago

"I want to run away from everything."

Something clicked around her wrist, and Hui Yin looked down in surprise as Lu Shen bound their wrists together with handcuffs.

"If you want to run away, take me with you," he said, his eyes dark.

She was bullied, tricked, made fun of, and even killed.

She thought he loved her, but he easily exchanged her for another woman.

She thought the people around her were good, but they were the ones who stabbed her in the back.

She was stupid, foolish, and innocent.

That girl was dead.

And now, she was reborn.

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-dashesofsuga- -dashesofsuga- Dec 30, 2018
bet she’s gonna make the child die. please don’t trust her, hopefully not naive main character.
Sigh ok I don't want to be too harsh and I know this is necessary but for f***s sake isn't she just too stupid aiy aiy smh like literally too stupid to live... Literally smh
noblewoman noblewoman Dec 25, 2018
I'm not sympathetic to willful ignorance, so she had it coming.
NiniModeste NiniModeste Dec 16, 2018
This bxtch calling somebody trash 
                              When l she is money grabbing slxt that slept with somebody else's man  
                              AND WITHOUT FURTHER ADO
                              fxck her in-laws too
                              Those asxxs Don't realize  a hard-working diamond
Alienkiller3000 Alienkiller3000 Dec 10, 2018
I've gotta say, Hui Yin certainly looks pretty.
                              In fact, I think I like her