Like Brother Like Sister

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Rachel By shnukums617 Updated a year ago
Landon lived a pretty cushy life. All he had to do was smile at a camera and keep his body in shape. The money, girls, clothes, and fame just came with very little effort on his part. Living with his 4 best friends, who also model, life couldn't be sweeter. That is until he finds out he's adopted. His parents weren't planning on telling their son about his adoption, but they were forced to when his birth mother dies in a car crash and left Landon custody of her 17 year old daughter. What happens when his sister turns out to be just as much of a player as he is?  How's he supposed to deal with the flock of guys that seem to follow his sister around where ever she goes only to see them walk away with crushed spirits. Its not only about Landon anymore. The world now revolves around Brinkly. (not the best description just read the prologue)
Not trying to sound bold or anything but I would love if you read my book, secrets, it only has two chapters right now and I'm working on it as we speak but would love some feedback! Thanks so much! And I can't wait to read more of this book!
This is a really great story so far :) I can't wait until you introduce Brinkley. That ought to be a surprise ;) anyways, please upload soon!!!
I can't think of a cover idea yet... Hmm... What do you have in mind?
                                    Btw, this is really good so far(: