His Phoenix (All Might FanFic)

His Phoenix (All Might FanFic)

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Thananna_Thunder By Thananna_Thunder Updated Aug 06

(I dont own My Hero Acedemia/Boku no academia or the pictures, only my OCs and the plot twists I put in.)

Hi there! I'm Akaruri Todoroki. You've probably heard that name from Shoto Todoroki, the kid with the half ice, half fire quirk or Endeavor, the number 2 hero. Well, I'm Endeavor's twin sister and Shoto's aunt.

Something happened a few months before Shoto was born... causing me to leave before I could meet him... I left Japen completely and I haven't gone back, until today.

So here I am, hopping off the airplane with 14 year old daughter so she can meet her Uncle, Aunt and Cousins, but hopefully I dont run into... him...

(Contains slight swearing and slight reference to serious topics)