Change || Loki.

Change || Loki.

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"You have changed Loki." Thor said, his voice shaking as he spoke. Loki looked his way and smiled, bitterly.

"Perhaps it is in your nature, brother. You acknowledge my faults, my flaws, my change; yes. But nobody, including you cares enough to ask yourself why." He said with an unjustified softness in his voice.

"You were always jealous of me." Thor stated without a second thought,  causing Loki to chuckle humourlessly. 

"I was in pain." 

This is the journey of Loki as he evolves from a mistreated child into the troubled God of lies, throwing everyone around him in a whirlpool of chaos.

-prequel and sequel to Thor-

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-cover created by me (bubblyloki)

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