J. D. Blood's Compendium of Small Absurdities

J. D. Blood's Compendium of Small Absurdities

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J. D. Blood By JDBlood Updated Jan 07, 2019

I write lots of things. Some are big, some are small. These are the small things. Whether they're excerpts from poems, one-liners from future novels, or self-contained stories small enough to constitute a tweet, I'll put them here.

This will be an ongoing project, and new stuff will be added as I think of or rediscover it. Section titles will often be sarcastic or dumb because most of these little blurbs were never intended to have a title. The actual content will usually be much less sarcastic and dumb, but like any reasonable man, I will on occasion insert a healthy dose of sarcasm and dumbness.

Each section contains a super-short something-or-other that I wrote at some point in my life. In general, you should expect great variation from section to section.