In Regards to the Moon

In Regards to the Moon

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Zero-Chan By ParadoxeZero Updated Jun 20, 2019

Moonstone. A gem that has been questioned by the others for a long time. Where did he come from? No one really knows. No one even dares to ask. When this gem is spotted three different nights by three different gems, questions start forming. Who is this gem? Why is he just now starting to show himself? Why does he show only at night? The questions don't stop when Sensei allows him to become one of the group and to stop living apart from everyone else, and surprisingly with Antarcticite's help. The lonely Moonstone never really made any friends, having been the opposite of the normal gems, who needed sunlight. Moonstone required darkness. 

A/N Okay so this is my first Houseki no Kuni fan fiction ever so it might be complete garbage and I apologize ahead of time. If it does turn out good then yay but I'm not expecting it. Anyways, so I'm writing the characters with genders because it gets confusing for me to write a whole bunch of people with the same pronouns so I'm going off of what the majority says each character 's gender is but if you believe differently, feel free to mentally swap the pronoun I have with the one of your choice. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I'm kind of assuming stuff about Moonstones and stuff  like the whole darkness thing so please don't do research and say "you got this wrong" just to point out I got something wrong. But if I did get something obvious wrong, please do tell me. I did do some research but it wasn't much. I'll end my speech here.

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