Moon,Stars and Blood (A Creepypasta Fanfiction)

Moon,Stars and Blood (A Creepypasta Fanfiction)

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☣Sσяα☣ By Yodaspellzskillz Updated Jun 02, 2015

People crave companionship. Love, warmth, the constant need of another one. Without the guiding hands of others slowly but surely you plummet into the deaths of insanity, lonliness. A girl, no more then the meer age of ten expirences that exact plummet as her sanity snaps and her absuive aunt and uncle happen to be at the brunt of it. Ever since she lived on with a sad and fake smile, blood of others on her hands and the dead beat of a black heart. Years later she comes across what we formally know as the Creepypasta's at the ripe age of 16. They take her in and with a relucantce that lingers she agrees to call them family. Though what she doesnt know is that there are multiple of these de-ranged lunatics, some who would go to great lengths to obtain her. The moon, stars and even the blood of others bend to her will. What path will she take? Its not in fates hands, for faith is our own willingness our own carvings.

*There will be blood gore and other violenence. NO HATERS!!!! I dont want any hate mail saying that my story is not appropiate. I have given you a fair warning and so If you dont want to abide then leave. I do like comments that give suggestions just no, "Why did you post this crap?" I will not tolerate that.

EITHER WAY!!!<3 Have fun and enjoy and If I forgot a creepypasta that you would like to see or have in the story lemme know!

SYIFY360 SYIFY360 Jun 29
True, I'm still a disappointment for having 4 A's and 2 B's in a college preparatory school :(
A-suckish-author A-suckish-author Oct 30, 2016
Reading this reminds me of jack torrance when he uses an axe to break down the door and says "Heeeeeere's Johnny!" From the shining 😂😂😂