Deltarune oneshots

Deltarune oneshots

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imyagirl By imyagirl Updated Dec 05, 2018


the charaters in the story do NOT belong to me,  both Deltarune and the characters belong to Toby fox!

this also may contain spoilers so uh??
warning! ^^

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Thetwo22 Thetwo22 Nov 18, 2018
This is really interesting. I really like it, it's exciting so far!
KaiTheDeltaruneTrash KaiTheDeltaruneTrash Dec 28, 2018
I know request are closed and I'm probably gonna regret this but can you do Chaos(Spade) King x Kris? Some weird love hate crap? When it comes back open
Meme_Queen3 Meme_Queen3 Nov 24, 2018
Susie x shy reader !! Maybe Lancer x child reader ( like teach them how to be evil??
rainbowland75 rainbowland75 Nov 22, 2018
Susie x reader. 
                              Lemme explain. 
                              Susie is a jerk right. But like before, she was supper nice to Y/N then one day. Idc how but Susie is like, "bitch. I love you." and reader is like, "wow she likes me back. Or do whatever you want.
Antistabbedyouand Antistabbedyouand Nov 20, 2018
*sees comment section full of x readers*
                              Me: mettaton x Rouxls kaard that's right people fight me
eliisgayish eliisgayish Nov 18, 2018
could you please do a susie x kris but with they/them pronouns for kris?