Bound To You

Bound To You

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"I now announce the engagement of my son and to-be-daughter in law, Yumna!" Mr. Chatti said.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to see who was my fiancè and when I saw the man standing in front of dressed in suit with a ring on his hand, I was shocked.

He was Omar Chatti! My biggest bully and rival in high school! How was I ever suppose to marry a person who I hated from the core of my heart? This relationship would never work.


Yumna Hamdi, a highschool nerd girl who went though a painful past and lived with her abusive uncle. To move their family businesses ahead and to get ride of her, Yumna's uncle decided to marry her off another family for business benefit. Much to her surprise, her fiancè turned out to be her school's badboy and her bully who she hated till infinity.

How will this marriage ever going to work? Marrying at such a young age, that too with her enemy which is going to make her life a living hell, but a little did the both knew they had a history shared in their past. Can the bad boy really win the heart of the nerd girl? Join Omar and Yumna in their journey to their destiny.

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