where you belong     (BL)

where you belong (BL)

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Avalon0moon By Avalon0moon Updated Mar 27

 The fight for the shikon was over,the life was quiet and everything was back to normal.Kagome has come a few months ago after finishing her studies and the well was working again. I think everyone expected for me and Kagome to get married after human custom and start a family ,but the truth is my feelings changed a long time ago,and so is her..... I am loving her as a sister or a good friend but i cant accept to be with a person that still sees me as her personal dog slave...plus i smell others on her....not outside but inside......she was unfaithful and this is unacceptable for me .....little did i know that destiny prepared something else for me... 

i do not own Inuyasha (but i wish i had...)
this is a fanfiction..the story from this point is my imagination 
this will be a BL story so you are warned...and this will be inucest ...

Contains erotic scenes between two boys/ men. If you dont like this genre please dont judge. And i will NOT mark in the chapter when i will have a sex scene.