Fall on Me || The Doctor [3]

Fall on Me || The Doctor [3]

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"Why though? Why is this happening? It's like the universe is out to get us."

"We're stronger than this, okay? We can withstand anything that comes our way. We've done it before and we will again and again and again."


After losing her family, Lily Carter believes the universe was out to get her. Now with the weeping angels becoming stronger than ever, a new antagonist that seems obsessed with her and a girl she believes is trying to replace her sister, can Lily ever catch a break. Or is this her new life. One she can't seem to get away from. All she has are the Doctor's shoulders to fall on but is that enough?


Book 3 of the Lily Carter Chronicles 
- Doctor Who Fanfic -

From the events of Series 3 of "Modern" Doctor Who (2007) All rights to Doctor Who belongs to BBC
The character Lily Carter/The Lone Wolf belongs to me

Cover by the lovely @ -dhampirroza

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