A True Hero [BNHA FanFic]

A True Hero [BNHA FanFic]

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SomeRandomPerson By RandomPerson251 Updated Jan 11

This story is practically 2 AU's (Blind! Izuku and Sick! Izuku) combined.

Contains Vulgar Languages
Attempts of Suicide
Heavy Gore
Yaoi... a.k.a. guy x guy

Have fun reading my dear readers.
Also: Spoilers for the anime-only-watchers out there. 

I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia.
Boku no Hero Academia is fictional.

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Crunchy_Bunny268 Crunchy_Bunny268 3 days ago
Anyone remember the clip/memory of Izuku in the All Might onesie yelling 'I am here'
Now im wondering. Does Inko let Izuku do his own laundry so he has easy access to those toxic stuff, or does she literally keeps all the DANGEROUS stuff at easy access to little kids? What type of parent are You!
YandereNekoHaven YandereNekoHaven 3 days ago
Not the time but i keep thinking shes fat/big. but when they were younger she was skinny.
Oof_Bleach Oof_Bleach Jan 09
I'm sorry fo say this.... praying doesn't help, I stopped praying a long time ago because I will pray rely hard for someone to not get sick or die and then they do... it doesn't work, so I just hope things are ok..
That’s only about $1000 US. That’s a cheap hospital bill.
Not we, just Bakugo. I mean at least he admitted to provoking these actions upon our cinnamon roll. Still not we, just Bakugo