Binders & Boxers-FTM story {on hold}

Binders & Boxers-FTM story {on hold}

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Joshy By Be_My_Seme Updated Oct 18, 2017

"You better be awake and packed by the time I get up there!" I hear a feminine screech from down stairs that sent me flying out of my bed.

Looking around I was trying to take in what she had said. Crap! I'm supposed to be packed for boarding school!

Everything I need is scattered across the floor a few items in my bag. Shuttling myself across the floor I start gathering my clothes, folding them and putting them in my bag. Ah forget this! I start throwing my clothes in the bag.

I scratched my head before stuffing my school stuff in my back pack, my iPhone goes in my pocket, I walk to my underwear drawer and start stuffing my undies in my suit case.

I think I've forgotten somethin... Hmmm, oh! My names lance, lance Trenton McDowell, I'm 16 years of age an I am ftm transgender. My mom wrote male on my papers for this boarding school.... Going to be rooming with two other guys, heh lets see how that works out shall we?

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Macations_Creations Macations_Creations Mar 17, 2017
The funny thing for me is that the initials in the story are the same as the ones ill have for my name once I change it legally.
I wish my mother was like that. All my mom does for me is tell me to stop basing my life on the internet, to wake up to the fact that I’m a girl.
iamameme8703 iamameme8703 Jun 30, 2017
i guess i'm the only one who started reading because of the homestuck fan art mkay
Can your mom possess my whole family or take over their brains like UGH 💀😂🙃😑😒
cloudedFixation cloudedFixation Aug 29, 2017
Can I just say... I was looking to see if there was any boxers made for ftm and I saw John and fuckin died
hueovl hueovl Jan 19, 2017
Thank Jesus this story doesn't have an abusive/un accepting mother