Binders & Boxers-FTM story {on hold}

Binders & Boxers-FTM story {on hold}

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Joshy By Be_My_Seme Updated Oct 18, 2017

"You better be awake and packed by the time I get up there!" I hear a feminine screech from down stairs that sent me flying out of my bed.

Looking around I was trying to take in what she had said. Crap! I'm supposed to be packed for boarding school!

Everything I need is scattered across the floor a few items in my bag. Shuttling myself across the floor I start gathering my clothes, folding them and putting them in my bag. Ah forget this! I start throwing my clothes in the bag.

I scratched my head before stuffing my school stuff in my back pack, my iPhone goes in my pocket, I walk to my underwear drawer and start stuffing my undies in my suit case.

I think I've forgotten somethin... Hmmm, oh! My names lance, lance Trenton McDowell, I'm 16 years of age an I am ftm transgender. My mom wrote male on my papers for this boarding school.... Going to be rooming with two other guys, heh lets see how that works out shall we?

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Ikethebrave Ikethebrave Oct 18, 2017
I immediately thought of this: “MY D*CK FELL OFF”. 
                              I’m so sorry
Macations_Creations Macations_Creations Mar 17, 2017
This is literally me except I would avoid calling at all costs. My mother gets too f-ing annoying if you let her talk too long.
Macations_Creations Macations_Creations Mar 17, 2017
The funny thing for me is that the initials in the story are the same as the ones ill have for my name once I change it legally.
Mitzomii_Inuzuka Mitzomii_Inuzuka Oct 02, 2017
Please update soon. I get you might be done with it but it's barely started!!! I really want to know what happens to Lance! I myself am trans FtM and it would be funny reading something like this. I look forward to the next chapter and I hope it will be up soon.
BabyBakon BabyBakon Jun 25, 2017
Heheh... my sock fell out when I was on vacation thank god nobody saw it tho😅
iamameme8703 iamameme8703 Jun 30, 2017
i guess i'm the only one who started reading because of the homestuck fan art mkay