Sam and bella

Sam and bella

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Sam and Leah were on a date when sam got a call from billy black saying that bella had gone into the woods and got lost "on my way billy" Sam said he then turned to Leah " I'm sorry babe but we gotta go" Leah looked confused sam went on to explain about bella being lost in the woods. sam then rang the rest of the pack and told what happened that they need to go look for her.

Sam found bella curled up on the ground he quickly phased back to his human form bent down to pick up bella. 

Charlie was with harry Leah father Jacob and billy when Sam came out with bella.

Chapter 1

Bella point of view

It's been a few months now since Sam found me in the forest. All i could do for four months was sit down and stare out of the window. jake would come and go dad would come up and check on me. "bells I love you I think it's about time you went back to live with your mother" said my dad "I don't want to go back to live with my mother I want to stay here I go to see jake if that's ok with you I l...