Don't Forget About Me (Killua x Reader fan fiction) [RE-EDITED]

Don't Forget About Me (Killua x Reader fan fiction) [RE-EDITED]

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노엘 By wintercrows Completed

How does it feel?

How does it feel when you lose someone special,

you feel like you're the one responsible for the cause?

If yes. Then you get my feeling now.

My feeling of despair.

    Why dose this sound like me and my mom even tho I help a little?
    When she said take care of your brother I was like "...I will..." "GON GET YO ASS IN DA SHOWER" 
                                  ((100% best sis 👍))
    There are fanboys!? I've only read about them in books! Do they really exisit?
    Shizuokah Shizuokah Jul 02
    HAY there, I'm Shizuokah.
                                  Get it cuz Hay fever...?
                                  I'll shut up now.
    wintercrows wintercrows Apr 08
    omg you guys this was the only fic amongst my cringiest stories that has a fair amount of grammar and punctuation 
                                  THANK YOU FOR READING MY TRASH, AHUHU.
    iizumi_ iizumi_ Aug 13
                                  From now on, I won't be mean to my Mother again.