Just an Ordinary Stone (Haikyuu Fanfic)

Just an Ordinary Stone (Haikyuu Fanfic)

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Spain By burritojulia Updated Aug 17, 2017

Kageyama Tobio was already feeling down knowing his classmates don't like him and he can't focus in his volleyball practice. Smile and being nice to people is easy but to him, it's not.
But a little sister will show up in the middle of the semester. She's kind, pretty, smart, athletic, and talented. Will she be his friend or his enemy?

"She's just simple," he said, "Just like an ordinary stone," he walked away.

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zaymara123 zaymara123 Jul 11, 2017
You just realized he wasn't there and what if he was there he would hear what you are saying.
JadeIsStillTired JadeIsStillTired Mar 06, 2017
while in I'm surrounded by a black aura and drooling while watching my fav ships happen (aka secretly stalking daichi and suga together )
perennial_limerence perennial_limerence Jul 08, 2016
Wait, so he JUST noticed he wasn't present... And he was OKAY with Kageyama hearing all of that...?
Swansonosco Swansonosco Mar 30, 2016
Prolly not for me, because being myself I probably fell/tripped/bumped into someone and either hurt/broke myself, someone else, or something really important and ruined the perfectly nice day that was before I don-gone and screwed everything up. XD
ZhaeviMago ZhaeviMago May 28, 2014
Finally! A N O T H E R   H A I K Y U U ! ! F A N F I C
                              Osu~. Keep writing author-san!
SleepyNinjaa SleepyNinjaa May 25, 2014
Nice beginning~ I really want to figure out what is going to happen with Kageyama now :'( But I hope that someone is going to be friends with him from his class soon ^_^ Waiting for your next update~