Star Wars- Balance Of The Force

Star Wars- Balance Of The Force

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"Just a dream, it was just a dream," she says aloud attempting to calm herself, but the feeling doesn't dissipate, and her heart is still racing. She stands and walks towards the doorway to the fresh air outside, trying to get the images out; a child her child and his. 
Breathe Rey just breathe, she wills herself and closes her eyes. Breathe. It was just a dream, just a dream.

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Following the events after The Last Jedi. New characters are based on actors who've been cast. Big fan of the movies and books. I am a massive Reylo shipper- #Reyloisendgame, but there is nothing mature rated or not appropriate for say 12-year-old plus. Prologue is an accumulation of quotes that inspired me from Force Awakens, Revenge of the Sith and Grey Jedi Code. I do not own the original star wars characters. I do not own the artwork throughout, except the art on the note from myself which is mine. The cover is by Heidi Hastings.

"I appreciated how much you fleshed out the story, truly making it a potential movie in the franchise. I can't not mention the romance. You truly made Ben and Rey's relationship believable on many levels. From his temper and passion to his devotion to Rey, I loved how you didn't make light of his past so that we can accept him easier. They complete each other and their love brings balance to the universe and gives them what they have always wanted - true acceptance and companionship. I hope episode 9 will have a lot of what you've thought up in this story and hopefully more (I just hope that if anything, they leave us some room for interpretation, we Reylos have really supported the new Star Wars movies)."
"I have read so much fanfiction, normally I don't read smutless stories, but this one is so well written, beautiful ending and I couldn't stop today until I finished it."
"This is one of, if not the best Reylo book I have read so far."