Hero's Descent: Act I

Hero's Descent: Act I

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Chad Smith By Arkotract Updated Feb 28

A boy. A monster. A forgotten prince.  All three; outcasts. Now all three; heroes

The second a silent teen with a powerful soul, a ruthless monster with a hidden heart and a forgotten prince with unknown powers meet, it sets off an adventure unlike any the three have experienced before, an adventure that is likely to be their first and final.

The very moment nemesis' Kris and Susie fall into a world they don't recognise; the consequence of a schoolyard misadventure, they are forced to join forces with Ralsei, a prince ousted by the 'Chaos King' as he is called. Now, with Ralsei seeking to liberate his world from the tyrant's grasp, Kris and Susie are thrown into the mix. After making landfall in the King's province, Rasenkad, they travel and train, intending to do battle with the king's forces and eventually the man himself while also contending with one another.

Regardless of how this first step goes, and regardless of Kris' new frenemy, this is the beginning of the end for our heroes

Cover art credit goes to the absolute astounding @AndressaVan :D
(Individual Act names will be added upon completion of the Act)

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