All Arranged

All Arranged

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Adelpha Carrington Algorazo is the innocent daughter of a billionaire Greek business tycoon. She doesn't like the idea of having all the money that her father has made. She is treated like a princess when she is just a 22 year old woman who has wants to loose her stubborn baby fat, have tamable hair, and actually have friends who like her for who she actually is.

Rome Reeze Ironeze is the definition of ignorant and arrogant. With dark, wild hair and deadly blue eyes, he could possibly kill you with a look. He hates the idea of marriage, with his parent's relationship having many barriers. He could care less if he broke the priceless Ming Dynasty vase that sat on his dining room table. One night stands are basically his religion, having never been in a long term relationship.

With their parents wanting to combine two of the biggest companies in the world together, a marriage between their only children is the merger and seals the deal. They expect an overly innocent and self conscious girl to live in a house with a gorgeous, monstrous devil. But hey, what can go wrong with that?

Find out in 'All Arranged'. 
Started: Thursday November 8th, 2018.

The characters are products of the author's imagination and any similarity to a person or event are completely coincidental. Please do not steal any character or event from this book because it has taken me a while to come up with them. Thanks and let's get on with the book!

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