Into the Underwood

Into the Underwood

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Sylvia, the daughter of a London dressmaker, has always wanted to leave the city for the place where all her mother's fairytales take place. But after she is sent away to Dartmoor to escape the Blitz, she finds herself trapped in one of her mother's darker tales when she is abducted by Der Erlkönig: the ruthless hunter king who haunts the woodlands. Insisting that her family owes him a great debt, Sylvia is forced into servitude within the castle at the heart of the Underwood. There she must use her skills as a seamstress to navigate this strange world of spirits and, one day, earn back her freedom. But when she meets the King's beautiful, red-haired gamekeeper, her needlework suddenly begins taking on a life of its own. If the King discovers these new "talents" of hers, will he ever want to let her go?

Cover design by @italychick

2nd Place Winner of the LGBT Hidden Gems 2018 Awards
1st Place Winner of the Super Awards 2018

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