Deewangi 2 -Rajveer-Naina

Deewangi 2 -Rajveer-Naina

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Ayesha By RAINALRL Updated May 03

Deewangi is deep passion, an uncontrollable obsession for another person and a feeling the partner shares equally. Deewangi is always knowing the right words as if possessed by the word itself. Deewangi is an extreme need for another, without the ability to quench that need even in the presence of this person. It creates opportunity in the form of a relationship. When you discover Deewangi, you are fortunate and when you are exposed to Deewangi, you cannot live without it. Deewangi is absolute, supreme and overwhelming and it guides us in all things in our life.

Deewangi has the ability to heal an individual or destroy him/her completely. 


Author's Note & Copyright

Deewangi 2 will be a continuation of the series LEFT RIGHT LEFT. It will take place five years after the cadets have been graduated from KMA. This story will revolve mostly around Rajveer and Naina and the journey of their love. 

You do not need to read Deewangi 1 in order to read this story. 

I DO NOT accept plagiarism. No part of this book should be copied - electronically or mechanically. 

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