~•.:Sacrificed To A Sex God:.•~

~•.:Sacrificed To A Sex God:.•~

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Kristine By VampireRoses1223 Updated May 15, 2013

---But you see, the villagers couldn't find a special sacrifice to please the God Alexander, so they suffered all of hell's wrath, and even worse, Alexander's. 

The villagers continued to make sacrifices to the God Alexander, including the exotic beautiful animals, delicious fruits, and even their finest clothes and possessions, but they kept failing to win his favor. 

For decades they searched and searched to find their perfect sacrifice to end Alexander's Curse, but they couldn't find it, so they still continue their search. 

But what the villagers never could have guessed, is that maybe their perfect sacrifice could be amongst them... Not an exotic animal, nor any precious human possession, but instead one who walks among them, being their own flesh and blood... A human girl named Chime. 

But would they sacrifice one of their own, to save the rest of themselves..?                                

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EveSlim EveSlim Jun 27
Anybody peep when he said Bermuda, also thought of the Bermuda triangle
tallun21 tallun21 Feb 28
At first the title got me a bit iffy but wow that is an amazing idea
crazykajal crazykajal Nov 05
I liked the description but when I read the last updated dude its more than 1 year.... Is it completed?
Yes because human's are selfish fools that take anything they want even if it means destroying stuff in the process
Sunntxoxo Sunntxoxo Mar 24
I applaud this book for being so damn interesting and amazing
EveSlim EveSlim Jun 27
O snap😂😂😂I didn't even notice and I was right sorry but I usually comment while I'm reading during the book