No Angel :: Dave East x Matikaah

No Angel :: Dave East x Matikaah

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LoudVisualz By LoudVisualz Updated Sep 12

Works #2 // Seventeen year old Nami , soon to be eighteen believes she has the world on her shoulders. Her mindset was different from others, she didn't  see herself as a thief. She just saw it as "whatever nami wants , is whatever nami gets" . If she wanted it , she got it and if she couldn't get it she took it .

To others she would be simply known as a "bitch" but to her she was just "Nami" , they wouldn't know what she goes through behind closed doors. 

She was No Angel.

Giovanni Carter , diagnosed with borderline personality disorder

Tijonay Tijonay Sep 12
😷 my mother's 'boyfriend' name is Terry... I can't look at that n*gga the same now.
Rn I don't like her that much like why steal..just look for a job
There's something in this liquorrrrrrr. The air is getting thickerrrr 😭
I follow him on Instagram that picture is way cuter and person
I mean she really cool I like ha she show you know do want u got to do to survive
gvldenjewel gvldenjewel Aug 12
Thats sad that she ended up resulting to that lifestyle, like why steal