Something About You

Something About You

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My bed drooped and there was something on top of me. I tensed. Slowly, I turned my head to see evergreen eyes staring at me. "....."


I turned my head into my pillow. Then I heard him move his head to the front of my head. I looked at him, then stuffed my face in my pillow again. He huffed.  


"Alex what are you-"



Madelynn Sterlings recently moved to California. Her dad's a photographer, so he barely stays home. One day she meets her neighbor. A hot, athletic, cocky guy named Alex. See what happens in the story

Something About You

Well my definition of going to bed or going to sleep is going to my bed and reading while listening to Spotify for like an hour or 2
Omg! Ravens?! That reminds me of one of my favorite shows called One Tree Hill!!!
Omg I'm dead!!! It's late and I can't laugh or I'll wake everyone up!!! But omg!!!! Lmao!! 😂
Julia8031 Julia8031 Oct 06
I can't go anywhere without brushing my teeth. Why are you not doing that!?
This is soo interesting I wonder un Chloe is a biatch or nah
Lol at first I thought it said navy brown hair and I was like "what? Navy brown hair?"